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Manufacture and sale of jackets with fur around the world
With such a significant amount and demand of large players engaged in this type of fur products, is not enough. They mainly sell Chinese parks produced by the Mao-Mao-Kong factory with low-grade artificial fur.
- The main competitors in the price segment up to 40 thousand rubles. are:,,, - The main competitors up to 100 thousand are brands that position themselves as Italian:, ItalianFur and others. There is a major competitor in Moscow, APRB.fur, but the price there is about 150 thousand rubles.
What is our competitive advantage?
1. Design. Our parks are different from the rest by unique opening of the fur, which looks very elegant and is pleasant to customers.
2. Meh. We use the natural fur of the Finnish arctic fox, it is much thicker, more magnificent, it has a longer nap and it is very different from everything on the market.
3. Quality and Price Thanks to our own production, independent selection of fabrics, fur and accessories, our quality is much higher than our competitors. Our price is quite competitive, which is expressed in sales.



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